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Hey guys! The week is over but if anyone wanted to participate and couldn’t do anything for it last week I’m extending a bit the period till this week so you can still submit your work, okay?

Jily Week Day 6: Feelings

by prongsalicious:

A/N: Sorry this is a day late. I’ll try to post the one for today soon too and sorry if the formatting is weird I’m posting this on mobile //

James was missing. Lily hadn’t seen him for days, outside of class at least.

“Hey have you guys seen James anywhere?” Lily questioned Sirius, Peter, and Remus.

“No…” Peter answered hesitantly.

“Spill,” Lily spoke fiercely.

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what happens in hogsmeade

by bigquidditchhero:

… won’t necessarily stay in Hogsmeade.
for jily week day 7: anything goes

James wasn’t staring.

Or, he was trying very hard not to stare, and he thought he was doing a reasonably good job, considering the circumstances. I mean, just look, he wanted to say to his friends, who had informed him several times that he was in fact staring. Just look at her. Leaning forwards in her armchair, she was gesturing animatedly as she spoke to her friends, who were laughing. Every time she moved her head, her hair caught the light, glinting russet and ruby: her proximity to the fireplace saw flecks of yellow flickering in her cat-like eyes. All in all, it made for a distracting sight, and James was having difficulty concentrating on … what was he doing?

“Prongs, you are being quite obvious,” he heard Peter say as if from a great distance, but he could not bring himself to look away from Lily until she finally moved out of the firelight, crouching down to rummage through her bag.

“Oh look, he’s back,” Sirius said when James returned his attention to his friends. He grinned sheepishly.

“If I could help it I would,” he said, picking up his quill.

“I’m not sure you’re trying very hard.”

James had to admit this was true.

“When it comes down to it, looking at her is much better than not looking at her,” he shrugged. “I’m not about to deny myself these simple pleasures in life.”

“If you asked her out you might get more than simple pleasures,” Sirius said, and Peter and Remus sniggered.

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by padfootdidit:

Jily Week, Day 7 (August 3rd), Prompt: Housework or Anything Goes

My last post for jily week. I’ve already done the “Anything Goes” prompt (co-written), so if you want to see that, it can be found here.

James groaned and stuffed his head under his pillow as a roaring noise filled the room and woke him up. For a moment he stayed like that, trying to go back to sleep, but then he realised that the noise definitely didn’t belong in the house. Immediately he pushed the covers away from him and snatched his wand from the bedside table, hastily pushing his glasses onto his nose and then racing towards the door.

The noise was coming from the landing. His heart pumping, James peeked his head around the door, wand at the ready. Lily hadn’t been next to him in bed when he woke up and he was half expecting some monster to be hauling her away - or something. What he wasn’t expecting was her to be pushing a large, metal pole with a rectanglur attatchment on one end - and a long black pipe of some sort on the other - along the floor, with a red and black thing trailing behind her. The thing was shaped like a biscuit tin but ten times larger. The bottom half was red and James noted that there was a smiley face stuck on to it. And on the black half, the word ‘Henry’ was printed.

He watched, his fear slowly draining away, as Lily moved in a pattern across the floor, the rectangular thing moving back and forwards. It reminded him of seeing the house elves sweeping the floor but at the same time it was as far from that as he could possibly imagine.

"Lils?" He whispered, poking his head further round the door. His wife saw rather than heard him and smiled. She reached behind her and pressed a button on the thing. The roaring noise stopped.

"Morning. I thought I’d give you a bit of a lie in." Her tone was sweet but James could see the mischevious glint in her eye and he frowned.

"Right. Um, Lils?" Now the thing had shut up he felt confident enough to step out onto the landing.


"What’s that?" He pointed at it, as if she might think he was asking what the carpet was rather than the thing he had never seen before. Lily’s smile widened. Then her eyes drifted down to his hand and the smile turned into a smirk.

"Why, did it frighten you?"

"No." Yes. Of course it had. He’d been sleeping peacefully and then that great roaring monster had woken him up. How was he to know it hadn’t been something dangerous?

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Jily Week 2. Day 6. Prompt: Feelings

by autumnchocolatebooks:

They had thought they were ready, they had thought that they had understood but they hadn’t…they hadn’t and now they were cold and shivering and in pain.


There was so much pain.

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